Business License Applications


Thank you for your interest in obtaining a business license through the Haudenosaunee Document Committee! Your honorable business is an important feather to us as it is and should remain to you.

Below, you will find a printable form via the blue text link “Application for business license.” When you click on the link, it will open the document in a new window for your convenience so you will not lose your place here on our site. We ask you to please print and completely fill out the application and then send in for processing.

Haudenosaunee Application for business licence

We also have the SixNations application for a business license which essentially is the same and will require the same action on your part as the applicant to do, meaning printing, filling out and then submitting the application to us for processing.

Six Nations Business Application

Though we will need a hard copy of the application for our records, we are happily willing to proceed with processing upon receiving an emailed or faxed copy of the application, we just cannot officially complete the processing until the original signed application is officially received and placed in the file itself.

Please click here for our contact options as mentioned above, again knowing that your place on this page here will not be lost.